How can tomato ketchup help with boosting your guts health?

Tomato ketchup may be renowned for its wholesome taste and rich nutritional profile; however, it has been brought to light that the consumption of tomato ketchup is associated with boosting a gut’s health. While, there were misconceptions regarding the consumption of ketchup in the old days—the latest studies have discarded those misconceptions; hence, it has been proven that tomato ketchup is indeed responsible for boosting your gut’s health.

The demand for functional foods has increased exponentially over the years, and it has driven the consumers to request for a type of meal that is equipped with high nutritional value. These foods are responsible for nourishing the health of the organism, and it helps with alleviating the risk of certain types of illnesses. The nourishing effect doesn’t only help with the activation of bioactive components that is likely to go through bioavailability and bio-accessibility processes but, it also has a certain effect on your gut.

In a particular context, the researchers have come to the conclusion that certain types of antioxidants found in tomatoes are responsible for digestive process. The tomatoes are equipped with lycopene and phenolic compounds that are responsible for having an effect on the viability of the probiotic microorganism.

It has also been found that the researchers have verified the presence of antioxidant compounds for protecting the probiotic strain against the alleviation of viability that occurs during the digestion process. It results in acquiring suitable outcomes when the tomatoes are processed and cooked extensively.

It has been known that the viability of the probiotic strain in combination with other components is responsible for boosting the gut system. It also lessens the probiotic strain on the digestive system.